Maternity leave ends. Maternity life still beginning…

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i gave birth to valerie-lynn on january 2nd, 2011. fast forward 24 weeks, and i’m in brooklyn ready to give it all up to go back to work. well, not giving up motherhood entirely but it certainly feels that way. and queue…

wait! a rather emergent emergency presented itself: valerie would not feed, would not sleep, no she most certainly would not! she would just cry cry cry in the hands of her daycare providers. it was mayhem. in my heart (as much as my poor little mommy heart could take). my direct supervisor had the unfortunate experience of hearing me melt down over the phone. i was generously and very casually granted another week of maternity leave. whew! mommy crisis averted.

they don’t tell you this mommying thing comes with a lot of unplanned mishaps. i was forewarned about the exploding poop-ies and the spit up/throw up. but not about how a mishap can make you have a stressful meltdown, bigger than any other meltdown you’ve experienced in your life thus far. so this is why they recommend going thru the routine and schedule 2 weeks prior to returning to work! to have it all pat down and to avoid making a bad impression at work once d-day comes around. my daycare provider said oh we could do 1 week, no problem. well, needless to say i should have heeded the common advice because valerie needed 1.5 weeks to adjust. lesson learned.

singlemost important piece of advice i’ve received thus far: enjoy every moment because it goes by so fast. it’s kind of the reason why i’m starting to record my thoughts and experiences here…so i don’t forget it and so i get to share it with those who love us.


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Things I did and did not know going into motherhood

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