valerie’s personality tidbits

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1. at 2 months it was pretty clear when she wanted to be fed. if she didn’t get fed, boy was there hell to pay! 2. at 3 months she started smiling at us on purpose! we think this is because her eyes started to work and see our faces looking at her. 3. she is pretty laid back about everything. you can do anything, she could be doing anything and all is fine. 4. did i mention she gets cranky when she’s not fed? or if she’s sleepy? yes she discovered screaming and she likes it too. 5. separation anxiety kicks in at 7 months and change. now it is full-blown. she doesn’t want anyone but her mommy 😦 6. she really loves kicking and pushing off any surface with her legs, including you. she likes them legs and the independence she hopes to gain with them. 7. she hits things she doesn’t want and turns her head away. she doesn’t reject the things she does want (like food!). 8. she is easily persuaded to be happy. 9. she likes to be tossed in the air and tickled GENTLY. both make her giggle like no tomorrow. 10. she gets bee-juh-suh which is the korean word for a reaction to being slighted. especially when her parents do the damage. 11. she has new and more emotions all the time, making her more complex and her cries harder to figure out.


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