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i’ve found myself to be a full on brooklyn parent, into breastfeeding, babywearing, eating organic and local foods, free-range meats, even composting when i can. it’s amazing to live here as a new parent. there is no neighborhood that is more family friendly than the one i live in. in fact, we’re known as babytown to the general locals.

i write this more than a year later as i haven’t had time to write. but i can tell you how fast time flies. sleeping challenges, the teeth come in, she eats with a spoon – mashed up solids, then actual solids. going back to the personality thing – it’s amazing how much they are their own person and how much they learn – simply astounding. i have such respect for these little babies b/c they are doing SO much more than i’m doing or anyone else i know. hah. that is weird to say, but it really is seriously incredible. you have to just watch them day by day and to see them grow, change and develop is just insane. i didn’t know human beings could do it til i saw my own up close and right there. i’ll say it again, simply amazing.

i felt that i might be an attachment parent and i certainly started out as one. but there are many aspects of it that i distance myself from completely. but aside from that, the one thing i do love about that style of parenting is the babywearing.

i’m a huge fan of babywearing more because (1) it is good for mom and for baby, (2) it’s easier to get around especially in a big city, and (3, bonus) it keeps you in shape. DH & i went thru a lotta hoops while i was still pregnant to make sure we babywore. we went to classes, tried on a bunch, read up on it. however when little V turned 22 months we found our carriers to be too small and so we stopped carrying her, resigned ourself to the stroller thinking our babywearing days were over *tear*.

but desperate to wear her again more for logistical reasons (traveling), i turned to to get the scoop on toddler-wearing. and boy lookie what i found. mothers like myself totally ADDICTED to babywearing and “gear” …

i just love that mothers like myself talk about gear the way boys talk about their fishing tackle gear, or their racing gear, or what have you. i’m a total gear-head so i fit in with this culture PERFECTLY. it is awesome! esp. if you babywear/toddlerwear a lot, you really want all the features and comfort you can possibly find to make it possible to carry for long stretches of time.

it’s so under the radar, this core group of wrapping mommies, SSC (soft-structured carrier) mommies and MT (mei-tai) mommies. but go mommies! learning from moms all over the globe who babywear, taking their centuries of ages old knowledge and implementing them into their current lives. and i guess strollers fall under that “gear-head” category but i think that is both parents not just mommies. the dads seem to babywear, but don’t seem to care about the gear, at least not to the extent that these mommies do! on this board, i just read moms and moms to be posts on questions, reviews, thoughts. also we all stalk gear that is for sale or trade (FSOT)…

so fun.


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